Sunday, June 5, 2011

Orange Mohawk.

I bleached my hair today. But washed it a little too early. I wanted it to be blonde. But I was scared that my hair would be more damaged if I left it for a little longer. Hahaha. So I ended up with this!

I kinda like it. So I won't be dyeing my hair for a while now.

Okay.... Now photos of my new falsies. /belat


This photo is really funny.

Bye now.

Friday, June 3, 2011

One time, big time.

Hello everyone!
It's been so long since I updated. I didn't have anything to post up until now.
And about the contest I joined on facebook, it seems that I lost. Hohoho. But that's okay. We got a total 411 likes. :)
Okay. Hahahaha. Today I went to Greenhills to meet-up with a friend. We used to go to the same school when we were 7. So we hanged out at Promenade today. Sadly I didn't get photo taken with her. Huhuhu. But I'm looking forward to see her again. We'll probably meet again next week. Yay!

I had to meet another friend at Galleria. We had an impromptu mall hopping today. From Galleria to The Podium. BTW, it was my first time there. Then Megamall. I actually didn't know that those were just walking distance from each other. We're planning on hanging out at Makati & window shop around there. Hohoho.
Here's a stolen photo of my friend.

Photo's from our food trippings.
Creamy Tomato Soup. I just had this for merienda because I ate belgian fries for lunch.

we both a Long Island drink. I really liked this one. It had mint leaves and peaches in it.

Chan had this. I got to eat all the bacon. *nom nom nom*
CAJUN Red Rock @ Galleria.

For dinner I had an Okonomiyaki @ Bubble Tea & Green Tea Yocca. Chan just grabbed a pretzel @ Auntie Anne's.

I bought all these today.
& hair bleach from HBC. :D

On my next post I'll be blogging about my new falsies. :))