Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Hello Mallows! I'm back from the dead. First post for 2012. 
I've been MIA for so long. Been busy fixing my papers.  :)
I don't post much because I'm too lazy and uninspired. And lack initiative to do so. :|
And I'm really looking forward on the approval of my papers. *crosses fingers* I recently had my medical examination and interview. Grabe ah, hassle yun. But I won't indulge much. Now, to discuss my hair.

It's about shoulder length now. As much as I want to chop it off (and I wanted a pixie cut)... I wouldn't dare. I promised someone I'd grow it out.
Soooooo, *rolls eyes* I'll get a bob. I have bleached my hair to this corn-like color. And planning on bleaching it again to get it more blonde. Here are some inspirations from Jmags like Kera and Jelly. Imagine... a blonde bob. Or rather a pink one. Whatever color I might dye it. I'll let you guys know. :)