Friday, September 2, 2011

Hiatus? I think so

There is nothing worth to blog about in my life right now. I haven't been out lately. I've been such a recluse for the past few months. Except that I had my cut again during the end of July.

And dyed it black on the first week of August.

One of the reasons why I don't go out much because pregnant sister is pregnant. :)
I need to be ready in case she goes into labor. (╯3╰)
Annnnnd here are some of my new stuff.
(Mom sent me a 19" tv.)

(bought at Booksale. I'm a big fan of Genshiken.)

(belts bought at Y.R.Y.S. P50 each.)

(The Face Shop Cushion Touch Lip Plumper. Given to me by my sister.)

(And sunnies from my papa.)

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