Sunday, February 17, 2013


Hey there! Here to show you some stuff I bought last year. Changed my description on my profile. I literally mean that I'm a hoarder. I buy the most useless stuff. 90% of my purchases are stuff that I have no use for.

Oh yeah, I bought these pumps just because it's so cute. I don't wear heels that much and it's a bit big for me. Oooh, and the cat book is so cute, ne?

Strawberry Taffy Pumps:Apparel Dynasty $39.99 | Cat Book:Urban Outfitters $2

So, the creepers are really pricy. I could buy it on the internet for $20 cheaper. It's currently my favorite pair. :(

Plaid Creepers:Iguana Vintage Shop $74 | Face Masks:Korean Grocery $1 each

First purchase from Little Tokyo. These are around $20 each.

And finally, my purple/violet hair. I'm thinking about dyeing it the same color again. And really want to get my hair cut. What do you guys think?

 You could be my luck. Even if the sky is falling down.
We'll be safe and sound.

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