Friday, April 22, 2011

Holy Week...

Hi guys.
I'm really depressed right now. This has been a really bad week for me.
First Father Dear didn't allow me to go to Bataan with BF&Family or at Dagupan, Pangasinan with BigSis&Family.
I can't believe why he's like that. Gaaaaaaaah.
And I just lost kitty cat at around 8:30 this morning.
I was cleaning his litter box. And I let him roam around our terrace. I was confident that he wouldn't jump from there because it was on the 3rd floor. :'(
He's just a baby. I just got him last week. I haven't got a name for him yet. :((
I think he's still out there. Luckily there is a tree where he jumped. I hope he's okay.

Now enough ranting. Here are some earrings my mom gave me a year ago.
The belong to my late grandma. These are probably older than me.
I'll be uploading these on my Facebook, Poupeegirl and Tumblr.

These have lost some of the gems and beads.

I really love this one.
You wear this babies even though you don't have pierced ears.
Grandmama likes those type of earrings.

Bye bye. I'm gonna look for kitty outside. Maybe he'll comeback.

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