Monday, April 25, 2011

Me and You

Hello! Love Chic  and Me&U are having a photo contest.

Love Chic is giving away some sweet stuff from Me&U to three (3) boy-girl pairs aged 13 and above, residing in the Philippines. It doesn’t matter if you’re a romantic couple, best friends, cousins or Chemistry lab partners, as long as you find each other awesome!

How to join:
1. Like the pages of Love Chic and Me&U on Facebook.
2. Take a clear half-body photo of you and your partner. No need to make a collage; one simple photo will do.
3. Post your photo on the Me&U wall. On the photo description, tag Love Chic and tell us something about your relationship. Only one photo entry per pair is allowed.
Make sure Love Chic is successfully tagged! :)
 We posted a sample entry on Facebook so you know how it looks.
@Love Chic We are Seph and Shai and we have a lot of things in common! What  keeps our relationship strong is we’re not just boyfriend-girlfriend but also good friends. Like any other couple, we have our differences, but we make sure to talk things over and meet halfway. We keep a fashion blog together where we share pictures and stories.

4. Invite your friends to Like your photo. Each Like from a verified personal Facebook account will be counted as one vote. Likes that are proven to be from fake or secondary Facebook accounts will be subtracted from the total number of votes.
5. Love Chic and Me&U will choose winners based on the following criteria: quality of photo and description (40%), votes (35%), Me&U’s choice (15%) and Love Chic’s choice (10%).
1st Place: matching M+Y puzzle necklaces (1 pair)
2nd Place: matching 13PRD couple shirts of your choice (1 pair)
3rd Place: matching Human Touch couple pillowcases of your choice (1 pair)
Contest closes Friday, 20 May 2011 at 1 AM. Winners will be announced at 12 NN the same day after we compute the scores.
I feel like I've been annoying people on Facebook today. With all the messages and posts I left on their walls. I still haven't gone through half of my friends. And now I won't. Hohoho. I got lazy. And they can like it if they want. But It's payback time for those guys who asked me to like a lot of their pages and such.
My entry:
Joelle and Jude.
Photo (c) Jethz Mercado
To everyone we seem to be the perfect couple. With Jude's "torpe" personality and my straightforwardness. Courting was never an option. Together we goof around with friends and bond with our family. We do have disagreements but at the end of the day we're just a couple of teenagers in love.
Goodnight! ♥♥♥