Saturday, April 23, 2011

Is this what you call a review? NAH!

I don't have much to do so I'm gonna post photos of myself wearing contacts. BTW, I cropped the photo so that you could only see my eyes. Hohoho.
I'm reading reviews of eye contacts from the blogs I follow. Ms. Chai and Ms. Yapo. There is also Ms. Anz on Youtube. Btw, she's having a Giveaway. Please do check out their blogs.
Okay so here goes...

Black Circle lens:

I have really little pupils as you can see. Look at the effects. My pupils are really bigger. :)
I wore this 3 times already. I don't know what diameter this is. LOL. I fail as a blogger. HAHA
But no worries. I'm still a new at this.
Comfort.. I'm not comfortable with these. So I don't wear it much. I can feel the end of the contacts on my eyelid.

With flash:
Without flash:

Purple lens:

With flash:
Without flash:

I really like this one. Because I got it as a gift and it's comfy.

Okay. That's it. Hohoho. 


  1. wow! you have Dolly eyes and 2 Nudys! the diameter of dolly eye is around 14.8 to 15mm i think :D

  2. Thank you. :)
    I got that as a gift. Kaya di ko alam kung anong diameter. :P